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Meet the Staff


My name is Jacob Patrick Jansen and I have been in recovery from IV heroin use since July 19th 2010.  I have one younger sister and was raised in a stable middle class family in a suburb of Milwaukee, WI.  My parents raised me well and taught me how important communication is.  I was a smart kid and I was exposed to many different activities as my parents strived to give me every opportunity possible.  In High School, I was in many AP classes and extra-curricular activities, however, I usually looked to hang out with older kids and adults growing up as I felt that is where I fit in better.  This, along with poor education about drugs and alcohol led me down a dark and insidious path that eventually led me to years of IV heroin use.  Eventually everything except my life was taken from me because of my drug use and the judicial system.  I hit bottom hard, at the end of my use, facing 57 years in prison for possession of heroin.  I went from being a hedge fund manager in my early 20’s, to losing everything including my freedom by my late 20’s.  That was my crisis point that helped me see the insanity of what I was doing and accept help.  With the help of family, therapists, counselors, coaches and healthy friends, I was able to rebuild a life that creates happiness and opportunities for me daily.

Since my July 19th, 2010 clean date, I have been able to rebuild my life through the completion of numerous accomplishments:

  • I started My Recovery Project LLC (interventions, recovery coaching, public speaking)

  • I became a certified interventionist through Alliance Counseling Centers

  • I completed a one year intensive study to become a recovery life coach through Crossroads Coaching Academy

  • I went back to school and graduated with a finance degree from UW Milwaukee

  • Bought a house and discovered joy in gardening and owning property

  • Rebuilt relationships with family and friends

  • Have two beautiful children, both born to parents in recovery

  • Was elected to the board of directors for Recovery Coaches International a 501c3 nonprofit

  • Was released two years and four months early from probation to pursue my passion of helping people find successful recovery, and I am now out of the legal system

  • Was chosen as a web radio talk show host on addiction and recovery on Voice America’s Health and Wellness Chanel

  • Started A.R.E. Homes sober living for women in Waukesha in November of 2015, and opened a second location April of 2017

  • I run high school prevention programs, “I Took the High Road”, while also being involved in many speaking events in the community about addiction and recovery

  • Will be the managing partner and executive director of “The Ladders Recovery Community” scheduled to open 2018 in Oconomowoc

    “I have truly re-built the happiness and balance in my life that addiction took from me.  I have put in a lot of work in my own recovery to find a better life, and I have a passion for helping others and their families find their happiness in recovery.  Addiction is a difficult and painful education that no one ever wants, but I am now putting that experience and education to good use helping others find their path.”  If you or a loved one are looking for help, you can email me at or call my cell at 262-290-1072.  Please let me know how I can help, consultations are always free and my phone is always on.  Addiction and recovery is not a 9 to 5 business.  I look forward to helping you or your loved one find a better life in recovery!

    Enjoy Life,

    Jake Jansen